Social Media’s Role in the Due Diligence Process Author: Andrew Hesner June 2022 Data from the Pew Research Center shows that as of 2021, more than 80% of U.S. adults, aged 18 to 49, have at least one social media profile. In fact, there were more than 2.85 billion monthly active users on Facebook in
Public Records in a Digital Age – The Right to Know versus the Right to Privacy Author: Andrew Hesner March 2022 Over the past several years, courts throughout the United States have been redacting dates of birth and other Personal Identifiable Information (“PII”) from publicly accessible online criminal records. While this was mainly implemented to
Series: Employment Background Checks – A Closer Look Topic #1 – Industry Standards – The 7-Year Rules Author: Robert Perez In looking closer at employment background checks, it is important to know there are industry standards…guidelines that are generally followed and accepted in the community of like-minded professionals. Perhaps the most prominent of these in the

Introduction to Docket Research

Introduction to Docket Research Author: Sarah Morris 2021 Did you know that access to state court records varies widely based on jurisdiction? While all dockets are a record of the proceedings of a court case, they vary across jurisdictions in the type of information recorded, the level of detail included, and their availability to the
Authors: Tina Thomas & Jody Squires 2020 Your company’s partners have found investors, you have raised capital, you have generated transaction leads, and now you have a potential deal. Maybe you have gone so far as to do some initial research into the company’s principals. Now what? Now it is time conduct a consented comprehensive due diligence investigation. Investigators
Author: Tina Thomas 2020 While we are trying to figure out what the new normal is for us and our businesses, Debtors still owe their Creditors (your clients) money. How do you help your clients find the money when Debtors are defaulting? Is this the right time to be investigating a Debtor’s financial viability? At this time,
As if COVID-19 hasn’t already caused us enough stress and anxiety with concerns about our health, jobs, money and the future, now comes the next dose – fraudsters and scammers ramping up to take advantage and serve us more pain and aggravation. Just this morning, I read about a CBD oil manufacturer claiming its products

Investigative Trends Amid COVID-19

Investigative Trends Amid COVID-19 March 2020 Author: Joe S. Bettner As we continue through these uncertain and unprecedented times, now more than ever is it important for each and every individual to do their part in helping contribute to the overall health and safety of the world. For many of us this also means continuing to
Have you ever considered what kind of people commit fraud, and why?  Research has revealed certain behavioral traits that are common among most people who commit fraud, such as living beyond their means, financial difficulties, entitlement, and belief of inadequate pay from their employer. The surprising fact is that these individuals are not typically career criminals,
May 2019 The House of Representatives is reviewing a reform bill that may lead to significant changes to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), as reported by the Consumer Data Industry Association earlier this month. These changes will directly affect how consumer reporting agencies (CRAs) like Subrosa report information in our employment background checks.  Most notably
Author: Ellie St. Aubin March 2019 What does a Private Investigator really do? When you hear the words “Private Investigator;” “P.I.;” “Private Detective;” or “Private Eye,” your head is bound to start spinning of fantastical ideas. What pops in your head first? Perhaps Sherlock Holmes, with the hat, a magnifying glass and a tobacco pipe? Or

Don’t Let Your Dollars Catch Fyre

We see it every day, and it seems like it’s everywhere. Eye-catching headlines tell us how investors are defrauded out of large sums of money after a deal didn’t turn out as promised. Things just aren’t always as they appear. The recent Fyre Festival debacle is a great example of this. Investors lost millions after an entrepreneur

Insights from OSMOSIS 2018

OSMOSIS 2018 Author: Brian Devine, Investigator I started working in the investigative field roughly a year and a half ago, and ever since then I’ve heard a lot about OSMOSIS and how beneficial the experience is. For those who are not familiar, OSMOSIS is a two-day conference focused on sharing the latest and greatest in
Employers are erring on the side of caution in the hiring process to avoid paying big bucks for non-compliance of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). A recent SHRM publication revealed that some businesses have already been forced into million dollar settlements because they weren’t compliant with FCRA. This year alone nearly 30 employers nationwide have faced
The short answer is NO. If you’re only ordering a “Criminal Package” on your Applicant, then Restraining Orders and Orders of Protection are not covered because of their civil nature. A police report may be filed at the same time as a Restraining Order or Order of Protection, but if the victim doesn’t press criminal