Pre-Employment Background Checks

Better Decisions through Better Information

One of the most effective and affordable ways to protect your company is through the proper selection of employees and contractors. Whether you are screening an applicant to verify credentials or completing a criminal check, the results of background checking are invaluable. Through conducting background checks with care and attention to detail, your company is providing a front line defense against a negligent hire. Negligent hires can result in damage to your client relationships, your company’s reputation, endangered your team members and stakeholders, and cost millions of dollars in legal fees and operational expenses.

At Subrosa, we focus on more than just completing the tasks for pre-employment background screenings. We want to ensure that the scope of screening is significant to your company and that the efforts are made to maximize the likelihood of obtaining the information you need. For example, while it is common for background checking companies to attempt employment verifications through a method that has failed on their first attempt, Subrosa looks at how we can obtain the information – is this a small company who needs to be called first thing in the morning to have the best chance of providing the verification? Or is this a company who utilizes online resources only? Our goal is to provide you with the information that is useful and necessary in your hiring process.

Subrosa provides a holistic approach to background checking through coupling the convenience of an online client platform with the attention and expertise of a licensed investigator. By partnering these tools, you will have the information you need available quickly and the guidance of an investigator to help you navigate your applicants’ backgrounds.

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