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Delivering investigative excellence with discretion and integrity

Subrosa Investigations recognizes that every investigation is unique and every engagement impacts people. As your full-service private investigative partner, licensed in Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin, we value the trust you place in our team to deliver the evidence and information you need. We go above and beyond—providing superior intelligence collection and analysis that’s always practiced with integrity, discretion, and professionalism.

Subrosa Investigations has been conducting exceptional intelligence collection and analysis in the US and internationally for decades, serving the needs of multi-national insurance companies and retailers, law and accounting firms, alternative investment and asset management firms, and other private and publicly traded companies.

Unlike agencies that just check the box, our investigators take a highly personal approach to their work: Digging deep to understand your needs and challenges, then developing customized strategies and approaches designed to achieve your goals. With values rooted in mutual respect and trust, our team is just as invested in your success as you are, and we always take confidentiality, security, and compliance seriously.

Your Partner for the Best Investigative Results

The Subrosa team delivers comprehensive, high-quality, customized investigations that go beyond the basics, leveraging decades of experience helping insurance, asset management, legal, and HR professionals gain the evidence and peace of mind they need.

We apply our deep expertise and broad capabilities to evaluate different strategies, consider every potential outcome, and provide the complete, accurate information you need to make informed decisions on any matter—from investigating job candidates or business partners, to uncovering insurance claims fraud, finding hidden assets, conducting due diligence backgrounds for private equity transactions, and much more. Our highly experienced team of investigators uses the most innovative, penetrating techniques and technology, so we can provide you with the right facts at the right time, for the best results.

Arizona License - 1003014 | Illinois License - 117-001469 | Indiana License - PI21700021 | Michigan License - 3701207121 | Wisconsin License - 17373-62

Our Story: A Letter from Our CEO

Daniel PerezPresident & CEO, Subrosa Investigations
I founded Subrosa in 2001 and serve as the company’s President and CEO. The origin of our company name is near and dear to me, as the literal meaning of “subrosa” is to behave in a confidential manner. And handling sensitive matters with the utmost discretion is the foundation of our company.

Early on, I developed a clear vision for Subrosa: To become an investigative agency known for its integrity, service excellence, and diversity of skills, and to be recognized across the industry as a work environment that fosters growth, collaboration, and innovation. Nearly 20 years later, our Subrosa team has turned that vision into reality.

The entire Subrosa team is driven by our company mission: To offer client-focused protection through investigative excellence. Living our mission and vision is only possible because Subrosa investigators, leadership, and administrative staff share a passion for helping you by delivering consistently excellent service and demonstrating the same commitment to superior work as you.

We’re glad you’re exploring our website to get to know us better. Please reach out and let us know what we can do for you.

Committed to Excellence, With the Certifications and Credentials to Back It Up

Delivering investigative excellence requires the right combination of skills, backgrounds, and certifications—precisely what Subrosa brings to every investigation. Our highly experienced team includes investigators who are:

  • Certified by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

  • Certified in the Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogations

  • Certified by the Investment Migration Council

  • Certified as Paralegals

  • Certified as Confidential Intermediaries

  • Certified by the Investment Migration Council

  • Past presidents of the Special Agents Association board of directors

  • Current president of National Council of Investigation and Security Services

  • Members of the Association for Corporate Growth

While we’re dedicated to achieving the results your matter requires, we’re equally committed to following ethical practices and upholding the highest standards in all that we do. Each investigation is given the seal of approval from multiple investigators and leaders to ensure we are meeting the Subrosa level of quality and integrity standards. Subrosa team members are also heavily involved in industry associations to stay at the forefront of industry trends and changes.

The Industry-Specific Experience You Need

Subrosa Investigations provides tailored investigative solutions to companies in a diverse range of industries. Through decades of experience, we’ve gained in-depth knowledge and expertise in industries like the following, addressing their unique challenges and requirements through our customized approach:

  • Insurance: Our insurance and claims investigation services help insurers uncover fraudulent claims, verify accident details, and gather evidence to support legitimate claims.

  • Legal: We provide law firms and attorneys with litigation support services that include witness location, asset searches, and evidence collection to help build strong cases.

  • Financial and Asset Management: Our asset investigations help financial institutions, investment firms, and asset managers uncover hidden assets, verify financial information, and protect against fraud.

  • Human Resources: Our pre-employment background checks help companies ensure candidates are trustworthy and suitable for the job, to mitigate risk and maintain a safe work environment.

  • Corporate and Business: We conduct due diligence background checks for mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, and other corporate transactions, helping you reduce risk and make informed decisions.

No matter the industry, Subrosa Investigations is committed to delivering personalized investigative solutions that prioritize trust, discretion, and results.

A Leadership Team That Gets What You Need

Subrosa Investigations is led by highly experienced professionals who understand the importance of delivering superior intelligence collection and analysis that helps you make informed decisions and support your case with confidence.

Daniel Perez, President and CEO

Daniel G. Perez is the founder and CEO of Subrosa Investigations. Subrosa is a family business, providing litigation support to the legal community, internal investigations and consultation to businesses, claims investigations to the insurance industry, and due diligence support to the investment community. His personal mantra is “Better Information Leads to Better Decisions and Provides for Extraordinary Results.”

Dan’s commitment to his community and his profession began in Chicago in the late 1970s when he became a private detective. After a decade of honing his investigative skills, he co-founded his first investigation company, which he sold before moving to Arizona in 2000. During the 1990s, Dan also served as a commissioner of the Grayslake Illinois Police Department and member of the North Suburban Regional Task Force. He is a past president and lifetime member of the Special Agents Association and a member of the Associations of Licensed Private Investigators for the states of Arizona, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

Upon moving to Arizona in 2000, Dan founded Subrosa, which has gone on to become the successful multi-state organization it is today. Additionally, Dan has served as a member of the Arizona Small Business Administration and the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, where he served as a board member of the Hispanic Business Leadership Council and Small Business Leadership Council. Dan is also the former president of the Phoenix Citizen’s Police Academy Alumni Association. Over the past several years, Dan has focused his philanthropic efforts on Upward for Children and Families, a non-profit providing therapies and education to severely disabled children. He is also Board Vice President and Trustee of the Desert Botanical Garden.

Dan has been married for 44 years to his wife, Connie, and has four children, all of whom are employed as leaders at Subrosa.

Allie Perez Gehm, COO

Allie Gehm, Chief Operating Officer at Subrosa Investigations is a value-driven operational leader with expertise in process optimization, HR leadership, and culture management. She is a key leader accountable for ensuring the delivery of investigative excellence. Allie’s primary responsibility with Subrosa is to continuously build and lead the organization with a focus on client-centricity and superior data collection, while supporting a team-based culture that encourages forward-thinking and holistic approaches to clients’ needs.

By focusing on the execution of the mission and core principles of Subrosa, she has helped the organization scale through the development and implementation of sustainable, strategic growth initiatives, and the implementation of HR, marketing, and administrative-related programs.

Allie has an MBA from University of Phoenix and a Bachelor of Science in Global Business. She has served on the board for the Arizona Human Resource Executive Forum.

Committed to the Communities Where We Live and Work

The Subrosa Investigations team is just as passionate about giving back to the community as we are about delivering service excellence. Our staff offers its time and talents to make a difference in the communities we impact—from the neighborhoods we call home to the states and counties where we do business.

Whether we’re volunteering at animal shelters, running food drives to help replenish the local food banks so many people depend on, or assembling bags of much-needed supplies for homeless shelters, the Subrosa team brings the same passion and dedication as we do to our investigative work. We also serve on the boards of organizations that align with our values, including UPWARD for Children & Families and the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve made it easy to get in touch and get started. Just fill out our contact form. Then we’ll have the appropriate investigative leader contact you, based on the type of services you’re looking for. We’ll schedule an introductory call to talk through your needs, then recommend an investigative plan/scope of work and provide an estimate.  

Yes. During the introductory call we’ll capture all the details we need about your investigation, so we can consult with you on the best approach, determine the scope of the project, and provide a cost estimate. 

We’re deeply committed to keeping you in the know throughout the investigation. Ideally, you shouldn’t have to reach out to us with questions because we’re keeping you fully informed every step of the way! But of course, every Subrosa client should feel comfortable picking up the phone at any time to talk with our directors and investigators. With a whole team behind your investigation, you can be sure we’re not only doing the work, but also communicating with you and providing updates on our results. Our team will make sure we understand your expectations for good communication, so we’re all on the same page.  

Subrosa Investigations recognizes that there are complex laws and regulations governing our work, and they vary by industry and location. We’re committed to staying current on the changing legal and regulatory environment, in every industry and jurisdiction we operate in, and ensuring our investigators always comply with the most current laws and regulations that impact our work. 

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