Insurance and Claims Investigations

Expect more from your investigations.

Insurance and claims investigations are part of a process to determine the facts of a claim. Often, these claims are complex in nature and require a diverse and comprehensive approach to properly evaluate them. The information that is obtained is necessary to protect your company and reputation as well as to reveal the facts of the claim which are often unknown or disguised.

These investigations are necessary now more than ever as companies and insurance agencies are battling a heightened number of illegitimate claims. In order to determine the validity of a suspicious claim, you need the facts. We’re here to provide those for you.

Subrosa takes a strategic, collaborative, and results-oriented approach to your investigations. Rather than focusing on just completing the task, Subrosa investigators are trained in thinking critically about what they are trying to discover through the task and then taking action in a strategic manner that fits those needs. Subrosa investigators work in a diverse, collaborative, and communicative manner which allows us to have access to more information, more approaches, and more resources.

Subrosa offers a wide range of services to support your needs:

  • Social Media Checks: Social media investigations can be used as prime evidence and as a way to optimize surveillance efforts. Subrosa utilizes the latest technologies and resources to obtain information on how, when and where to pledge investigative efforts in the field. By getting this information, Subrosa provides you with a deeper insight into the history and habits of your claimant.
  • Background Checks: Subrosa tailors background checks according to the project at hand. By scouring public records for information such as medical liens, bankruptcies, judgments, other civil actions, and criminal cases we can collect the information to provide new intelligence to your case or claim.
  • Surveillance: Our greatest success is in mobile video surveillance. Coupling decades of street experience with enhanced digital technology and comprehensive research, Subrosa is able to be in the right place at the right time. Doing so allows us to capture the extents of physical activities exerted by your claimant.
  • Locates & Skip Tracing: Locating an individual who is either transient or avoiding you can be a challenge. At Subrosa, we start the skip tracing process by using proprietary databases to identify the person’s address and neighbors and then build a profile on their potential whereabouts. For more elusive skip traces, Subrosa conducts neighborhood visits and field searches for the subject.
  • Witness Interviews & Statements: When your case requires an interview, building rapport with the person is critical. This requires mutual respect, understanding and enhanced listening skills by the investigator. Subrosa’s team is diverse in skills and background and is highly trained which allows us to reduce barriers of communication and ensure that there is the comfort level required between your witness and investigator to obtain the interview and factual statement.
  • Additional General Research

We carefully evaluate the details of your case to determine the most effective ways to accomplish the goals of the investigation as rapidly and economically as possible. Contact the Subrosa team today to learn how we can help with your insurance and claims investigations.