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You need reliable information to make informed decisions, protect your investments, and safeguard your company and reputation. That's what Subrosa Investigations provides. We take a personalized approach to every matter—conducting thorough, in-depth private investigations that uncover the facts and enable you to move forward with confidence and peace of mind.

Licensed in Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin, our experienced investigators have been conducting superior intelligence collection and analysis for decades in the US and globally. We have the expertise and insight to thoroughly assess and strategize on your case, ensuring you have what you need to achieve the best possible outcome.

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Comprehensive Investigations for Business and Legal Professionals

As a full-service private investigation firm, Subrosa Investigations provides a wide range of services designed to discover and deliver the information you need to make the most informed decisions—whether you’re litigating a case, assessing an insurance claim, checking new hire backgrounds, attempting to collect on a judgment, or conducting due diligence on an investment transaction.

Litigation Support

Count on Subrosa investigators to discover the documentary evidence you need to support your most complex litigation cases. Our team brings deep litigation experience to every legal matter, providing the information it takes to defend your clients confidently.

Asset Searches

Subrosa investigators combine our proprietary analytical process and their extensive knowledge of fraud to locate concealed or undisclosed assets. We conduct successful asset searches during the legal strategy phase or after you’ve been awarded a judgment.

Employment Background Checks

Negligent hires can cause your company significant harm. Subrosa investigators take a holistic approach to background checking, combining technology tools with their own expertise and insights to deliver the information you need to make sound hiring decisions.

Claims Investigations

Complex insurance claims demand a strategic approach to determining all the facts. Subrosa investigators use a wide range of strategies and approaches to discover unknown or disguised facts, so you can evaluate a claim thoroughly and with assurance.

Due Diligence Background Checks

When you’re considering a major investment deal, it’s vital to mitigate the risks of the unknown. Subrosa investigators complement your corporate due diligence by conducting enhanced backgrounds on the company and executives involved in a transaction.

Our Mission is Your Peace of Mind.

The Subrosa team works quickly and efficiently to do the necessary legwork, develop the appropriate contacts, gather relevant information, and deliver it as soon as possible. We balance the need for speed and efficiency with the equally important requirement to provide thorough, accurate results.

Subrosa is committed to helping you control the cost of your investigation and ensuring you have full transparency on costs at every step. We work closely with you to establish a clear budget and adhere to it throughout the investigation, offering budget-friendly options that meet your needs.

Our teams are fluent in English and Spanish, so we’re able to communicate effectively with subjects that prefer either language. We also bring the cultural awareness that’s vital to understanding and navigating nuances, enabling us to earn the much-needed trust and cooperation of investigative subjects.

Subrosa brings the expertise and resources it takes to conduct comprehensive investigations that achieve your goals. Our experienced investigators leverage their unique skillsets to ask deeper questions and consider every potential outcome, so we can discover and deliver the information you need.

A successful investigation demands much more than a one-size-fits-all approach. Subrosa investigators assess and diagnose each case, then customize the approach for the best outcome, always keeping your goals and best interests top of mind.

We recognize that you’re entrusting us with sensitive and confidential information, and we’re serious about protecting it. Our investigators take every measure possible to maintain confidentiality, security, and compliance throughout the investigation, always adhering to legal and ethical standards and maintaining the highest level of integrity.

For a personalized, comprehensive approach to your next investigation, contact the Subrosa team today.