Our commitment to our clients, our seasoned expertise, and our exceptional effectiveness make Subrosa one of the finest investigative agencies operating in the United States today.

Our highly trained, experienced investigators provide Subrosa’s clients with responsible, responsive, results-focused investigative services, using the most innovative, penetrating techniques and technology available in our field.

We specialize in information gathering. Focusing on the “big picture” enables us to often discover more than our clients expect.

Our expertise is unsurpassed. We have extensive experience working with local law enforcement, which makes us familiar with their practices, procedures, and personnel.

Our findings are accurate and reliable. We diligently investigate all leads and pertinent information.

We understand time is critical. We do the legwork, develop the contacts, accumulate usable information, and get it into our clients’ hands fast.

We work in partnership with our clients to establish strict budgets and we adhere to them. Our clients remain in control of the costs and the direction of each investigation.

We are not just bilingual – we are “bicultural.” Fluent in both English and Spanish, we are also culturally aware and are able to earn our Subjects’ trust and maintain their cooperation throughout the investigation.

We carefully evaluate the details of our client’s needs to determine the most effective ways to accomplish pre-employment reports as rapidly and economically as possible.

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